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Massa Files for Republican Slating Endorsement

Dear Fellow Republicans,

It is with great pride and joy that I convey the following to you today. As I shared with you last week, after Scott Newman spent a great deal of time talking to members of the community at large, the legal community and the party, he strongly recommended Mark Massa to be our candidate for Marion County Prosecutor. After deliberating regarding the decision to enter the race, Mark has decided to seek your endorsement and has submitted his slating application and slating fee today.  He is also filing papers to open an Exploratory Campaign Committee.  We are lucky to have such an outstanding candidate step forward to lead our 2010 ticket.  I look forward to seeing you at slating.

Tom John

Chairman, Marion County Republican Party

Statement From Mark Massa

“After much deliberation and consultation with family, friends and community leaders, I have decided to submit my name for consideration by precinct committeemen and women to be their slated candidate for Marion County Prosecutor in 2010.  I will abide by the decision of the convention and, if slated, will resign my position on the Governor’s staff upon filing for the May primary next week.  I look forward to addressing the convention this Saturday and discussing in more detail my experience, ideas and motivation for seeking the most important public safety office in our community.”


Mark Massa will be available for comment and interviews at Marion County Republican Party Headquarters from 10 am to noon on Tuesday, February 9.  He will also be available that day by appointment.  All requests to be directed to Kyle Walker at 514-1276.

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