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Chairman’s Comments on Sheriff’s Race

“I am disappointed in Bart McAtee’s decision to disregard the votes of his fellow Republican activists at our slating convention and remain in the race for Marion County Sheriff. It is a selfish decision, but one that fits perfectly with the culture of cronyism and nepotism that has plagued the Sheriff’s department for years.

“I am sure that Dennis Fishburn will prevail in the primary because he represents a culture of achievement and integrity that stands in direct opposition to the political entanglements and back room dealings that are represented by Mr. McAtee. Dennis Fishburn feels that he owes the citizens of Marion County, not that Marion County owes him. We are 100% behind Dennis Fishburn.”

  1. Sgt. Clinton Geer, Sr. -MCC (ret)
    February 23, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    I totally agree with the party chairman. I read McAtee’s profile on his website. My problem is with anyone who gets into IPD, stays only 2 years, moves on to MCSD, makes corporal in the first year, and then makes lieutenant in only 7 years of total law enforcement service. Come on! He made consideration into IPD because his father was once the chief. He moved to MCSD and later moved up the ranks because his father became sheriff. I’m sure Bart is a nice guy. I’m sure he’s as qualified as anyone else to be a cop. But Bart McAtee rode on his father’s coat tails. He was given opportunities to attend various academies and seminars that the average street cop never gets. Simply because of his father. I saw his plan for efficient leadership he claims he will bring to MCSD. Bull! He was the same man who was part of the executive team when IPD was merged under the MCSD. Between IPD and MCSD they had a total of 12 persons with the titles of chief and deputy chief’s within the 2 departments! This city isn’t the size of Chicago, or New York City. We can’t justify having a police dept. (IPD) with a chief, 1 asst. chief, 2 area chief’s, then 6 district commanders. Now add in ALL the other deputy chief’s and you have Bart’s input on how IMPD was to operate. Thats efficiency? His role for MCSD as sheriff will still be limited. The sheriff does NOT patrol nor investigate street crimes, NOR SHOULD IT. Indianapolis has always had the suburbs under its control since unigov was passed in 1971. Once they is no unincorporated areas left in a county to patrol, the sheriff’s role is logically and rightfully reduced. So just what does Bart think he can really do for the MCSD? Keep criminals locked up even in his office as he has stated on his website? I don’t think so. The entire city-county government is unable to fund effective jail space now for repeat offenders of all crimes. So the courts throw those “overflow” offenders to Marion County’s Community Corrections (i.e. Duvall Residential Center) where after 7 days of in-processing they get to walk the streets on passes, acting as “if” they’re (the offenders) are looking for jobs, in the community at-will. Bart has never really earned his positions. I could care even less about his “training”. He’s already proved he goes where the political opportunity allows him too. He’s proven on the contrary that he is NOT qualified to run anything but perhaps a dog pound. Lets give Sgt. Fishburn-IPD a try. Everyone knows that when you run for sheriff of Marion County, it’s really all about how much money you’ll make on tax warrants anyway.

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