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Chairman’s Comments on Sheriff’s Race

February 23, 2010 1 comment

“I am disappointed in Bart McAtee’s decision to disregard the votes of his fellow Republican activists at our slating convention and remain in the race for Marion County Sheriff. It is a selfish decision, but one that fits perfectly with the culture of cronyism and nepotism that has plagued the Sheriff’s department for years.

“I am sure that Dennis Fishburn will prevail in the primary because he represents a culture of achievement and integrity that stands in direct opposition to the political entanglements and back room dealings that are represented by Mr. McAtee. Dennis Fishburn feels that he owes the citizens of Marion County, not that Marion County owes him. We are 100% behind Dennis Fishburn.”


Mayor Greg Ballard – The Journey

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2010 Republican Slate

February 13, 2010 Leave a comment

The Republican Party endorsed the following candidates at our Slating Convention on Saturday.


Mark Massa – Prosecutor

Dennis Fishburn – Sheriff

Joe Hecko – Auditor

Jana Scott – Clerk

Becky Williams – Assessor


Carlos May – Congressional District 7


Kurt Webber – 86

Cindy Noe – 87

Brian Bosma – 88

Cindy Kirchhofer – 89

Mike Speedy – 90

Bob Behning – 91

Phil Hinkle – 92

David Frizzell – 93

David Dessauer – 96

Wes Robinson – 97

David Blank – 99

Jeff Miller – 100


Mike Delph – 29

Jim Merritt – 31


Terry Dove – Trustee


Darrell McGaha – Constable

William Fisher, Jr. – Small Claims Court Judge

Stephen Rink – Trustee


Jerry Young – Constable

John Kitley, Jr. – Small Claims Court Judge

Ross Hughes – Trustee


Brian Bulger – Constable

Jim Joven – Small Claims Court Judge

Dino Batalis – Trustee


David Taylor – Constable

Bob Spear – Small Claims Court Judge

Dan Moriarty – Trustee


Paul Scott – Constable

Amy Jones – Small Claims Court Judge


Jon Sturgill – Small Claims Court Judge


Alan Driver – Constable

Daniel Vaughn – Small Claims Court Judge

Andy Harris – Trustee

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NY Times: Indianapolis Mayor Reflects His City and His Team

February 5, 2010 Leave a comment

February 5, 2010


Mayor Greg Ballard of Indianapolis was expected to arrive in Miami on Thursday evening. His arrival may come as a shock to some here who thought Indianapolis didn’t have a mayor.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, C. Ray Nagin, the mayor of New Orleans, became the national face of the city and its recovery efforts. Ballard, who was elected in 2007, said his mission in South Florida was to spread the good news of Indianapolis and to wrestle away some of the attention from Nagin.

“I know that people, because of Katrina, know Mayor Nagin a little bit more,” he said. “That’s fine. I absolutely understand the sympathy angle, and I do wish them well.”

We know why we should care about the Saints. We’ve been beaten over the head with it. The Saints are an underdog lover’s dream, too great a story to pass up. Players talk on automatic pilot about the post-Katrina devastation. A city practically under water, making its way back. An N.F.L. team that had been an N.F.L. disaster, reaching the Super Bowl for the first time.

O.K. We get it.

But beyond rooting interests, why should we care about Indianapolis? Why care about the Colts? There is no devastation, no disaster. In fact, Ballard said the city’s economy was “holding its own.”

“Because of the diversity of the economy, Indiana is doing a little better than most,” he said. As a franchise, the Colts have been one of the most successful teams of the decade. So why should we care?

Because in an era of bells and whistles, there is something to be said for simplicity and efficiency. Indianapolis is a big city with a small-town feel, a family-oriented city. One or two cities may be more exciting hosts, but none do it better. There are more combustible football teams, but none in the last 11 years have been as consistently excellent as the Colts.

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Indy Republicans – Become a Fan on Facebook

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A Message from Chairman Tom John

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Fellow Marion County Republicans,

As you have by now learned, Helen Marchal, the sole candidate that filed for our party’s endorsement at the upcoming Marion County Republican Party Slating Convention, has chosen to withdraw from the race.  As you saw in her statement, she did so for personal and family reasons and we should all respect and appreciate someone who puts her family first.  Helen is a good Republican and someone for whom I have always had great personal respect. I know from conversations with her the decision was not made lightly and thus believe that it was the right decision.

However, Helen’s withdrawal does present a challenge for the party.  Marion County Prosecutor is an office that is essential to ensuring that our streets are safe and that the good work of Mayor Ballard and IMPD is properly supported.  Thus, I am asking one of our stalwart members of our community and the Republican Party to assist us in ensuring that we have the best candidate for the Prosecutor’s office.  I have asked Scott Newman to lead the charge to recruit a top flight candidate for Marion County Prosecutor.  Scott has agreed to undertake this challenge.  Scott will be talking to members of the community in the coming days as he searches for people of the right timber for this important office.  Scott can be reached at (317) 657-9769.

It is also important to the Central Committee and me that all of our processes are open and transparent and allow for any individual who should wish to be considered for our Party’s endorsement to be able to do so.  Moreover, I believe that you, our hard-working Ward Chairmen and Precinct Committeemen deserve the opportunity to review and comment upon those who our Party supports.  In two races, Prosecutor and House District 89, we have had late withdrawals of candidates that would deprive our Party members from choosing a candidate to endorse.  To ensure that we have an open family discussion about which candidates are right for our County, City and Party, the Central Committee has voted to re-open the candidate filing period for these two races.  Anyone who wishes to be considered for these races should file a slating application at Marion County Republican Party Headquarters by 5 p.m. on Monday, February 8, 2010.

I look forward to an exciting 2010 Election Year with all of you.  One that I believe will lead to great things for our Party, our City and our State.  Thank you.


Tom John

Chairman, Marion County Republican Central Committee

Statement from Helen Marchal

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Helen Marchal sent the following statement to GOP activists a few moments ago:

“Earlier today, I sent an e-mail to Tom John, the Chairman of the Republican Party in Marion County, withdrawing my application for the Party’s endorsement as a candidate for Marion County Prosecutor.

“Given the early deadline for filing for slating, and with the timing of Prosecutor Brizzi’s decision not to run for re-election so close to that deadline, I was faced with a major decision impacting myself and my family (including my three children, under the age of 7), with a deadline of less than 48 hours.  On further reflection and consideration of the sobering realities of a condensed, nine-month campaign, for personal reasons, I thought it best to withdraw my candidacy.  I have talked to the party Chairman, and am hopeful that the process can be reopened so that another candidate, the best candidate that can be found, will receive the support and the opportunity that he or she needs.  I will do all I can to be helpful in that process.

“With gratitude to all those who were willing to support me for this important trust, I am humbled and thankful.”