City-County Council

Republicans hold fifteen seats on the City-County Council, giving our party the majority.

The next meeting of the City-County Council is Monday, November 30.  The Council will meet on the second floor of the City-County Building (Public Assembly Room) at 7:00pm.

The complete Council schedule can be found here. Click on “City-County Council” then click “Go To Calendar.”

Republican Councillors (complete profiles under construction)

Bob Cockrum – President, District 22

Ryan Vaughn – Vice-President, District 3

Lincoln Plowman – Majority Leader, District 25

Michael McQuillen – Majority Whip, District 12

Barbara Malone – At-Large

Kent Smith – At-Large

Christine Scales – District 4

Virginia Cain – District 5

Janice McHenry – District 6

Bob Lutz – District 13

Marilyn Pfisterer – District 14

Susie Day – District 20

Benjamin Hunter – District 21

Jeff Cardwell – District 23

Mike Speedy – District 24


Visit the City-County Council at

Questions on who represents you on the City-County Council?  Use this tool from the City of Indianapolis – the Local Government Profile.

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