Vice President Marilyn Pfisterer

Marilyn was born in Pennsylvania, spent several years in Ohio and is now an adopted Hoosier. With a family of five grown children and a work career that has taken her from her birth place in Pennsylvania to Indiana, she has accumulated a variety of experiences that have served her well. Hoosier ideals have shaped Marilyn Pfisterer’s path as she ventured into politics on Indianapolis’ West Side.

Elected to the Wayne Township Trustees Board in 1999, Marilyn succeeded in contested races for her Board seat at the primary and General Election levels. She has also been active as a volunteer in campaigns for candidates for Mayor, Governor, State Representative, Trustee, State Senator and Indiana Secretary of State. The decision to run for City Council was the culmination of all that experience. Winning the District 14 City County Council seat for a second term and putting “Service Back in Public Service” now takes most of her time.

Marilyn has served the community by volunteering her time for such activities as various functions in her church, United Way Chairman for her office, providing items for Riley Children’s Hospital, conducting “Dress for Success” classes for women re-entering the work force, initiating a Domestic Violence Prevention Seminar, organizing an annual Job Fair and becoming a member of the Speedway Lion’s Club.  Councilor Pfisterer also is a proud graduate of the Lugar Excellence in Public Service Series.   She is currently Chairing the Administration and Finance Committee and serving on the Public Safety and Rules and Public Policy Committees for the City-County Council.

Marilyn has served as Ward Chairman and Precinct Committee-woman for several years and has been a State Delegate to the Republican State Convention. She is a member of the Wayne Township GOP and is Past President of the Greater Indianapolis Republican Women’s Club. In addition, she has assisted in the GOP Southwest Roundtable and has been volunteer co-ordinator for the GOP State Party. As a councilor she regularly attends neighborhood meetings and holds a Town Hall meeting for constituents quarterly. Councilor Pfisterer sends an E-Newsletter to her constituents often to keep them informed.  Her annual Job Fair provides opportunities for residents on the west side.  She is active on the Early Intervention Planning Council adn the Mayor’s Re-Entry Program Committee.  All these activities reflect her commitment to the community and the political values she holds.

Marilyn is currently serving as a liaison to the Council for the Charter School initiative, serves as a member of the city’s Internal Audit Committee, the Medical History Museum Board, and the city’s Economic Advisory Committee, and was appointed to the Indiana Association of Counties and Towns Executive Board.

Other facets of Marilyn’s life included 18 years as a sales manager and trainer and 6+ years as Controller for the Secretary of State.  Now, Marilyn devotes her time to her small business, volunteering in the local school as a mentor, and travels the United States as “Chief’s aide” with her retired Fire Department Battalion Chief husband who teachers for the National Fire Academy.  Marilyn’s family includes five grown children, five grandchildren an two terrific great grandchildren.


1001 Mt. Auburn Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46224



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